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There are more important things than being thin, like your life

I get that this is the time of year for resolutions, and for whatever reason we live in a society where people are taught that being thin is one of the most important things in life. So I have a lot of friends right now who are on diets. I’m not talking about the kind of diet where you make healthy changes and embrace a more healthy lifestyle. I am talking about dangerous diets.

And it makes me sad. For one because I spent most of my teenage years having an eating disorder and hating myself. But also because of what happened to my mom.

A few weeks before my mom got cancer she said “I would do anything if I could lose ten pounds.” Then she got sick. She thought she had the flu. A week later she had lost five pounds throwing up. Then she went to the hospital and found out she had a kind of leukemia that would be difficult and expensive to treat. Then she found out that she couldn’t go through the treatment and would die within a year.

She’s lost more than ten pounds. But suddenly it doesn’t matter. It never should have mattered in the first place.

If you are healthy, that’s what matters.

So to my friends who are risking their health and their lives to be thin, I know it isn’t any of my business, but I wish you would think about it. Because there are more important things than being thin, like your life. Enjoy it as much as you can because everything can be taken away so fast and suddenly the size of your pants is the least of your problems.

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Functioning and aging


The older I get, the less I can seem to function. Not sure if because of burnout or stress or what. It’s been a while since I posted about autistic burnout, but I’ve heard from other autistic people that this has been true for them also.

On the Facebook page today I asked if anyone else in the group has experienced this, and I was surprise how many people quickly said they do too. Feel free to join in the Facebook discussion, which has gotten me to thinking even more about this topic. Or feel free to post a comment here.

If you could have a superpower, which one would you choose?

Yes, these are the kinds of things I think about in my spare time.

I would really love to be able to fly. But I think I would choose being able to be invisible whenever I wanted.

How handy would that be, right?

Gotta go to the store, or where ever, and nobody would know I was there. No one would talk to me. I think I would go a lot more places if I was able to turn myself invisible whenever I wanted.

So, just for fun, what superpower would you choose?


Sometimes my memory can be my worst enemy

I’ve noticed that I tend to remember bad things more than good ones. Ten really good things could happen, but if a bad thing happens, I can easily forget the good ones. And the bad thing will replay in my mind, sometimes for years. As far back as I can recall, I have always been this way.

I posted about this on the Aspified Facebook page today and asked if anyone else experiences this. I was surprised by how many others do and the various responses. Feel free to join in the discussion.

Sometimes my memory can be my worst enemy.

A summary of my life

So yesterday at the dr appointment a lady said I should go get my mom a hat for when they do her urinalysis. I thought “ok it will be cold in that room I guess” and gave her her winter hat. We come back and the lady laughs and says a hat is a thing they put in the toilet to collect the urine. My mom says “that explains why most of my pee went on the floor.”

This experience is basically a summary of my life.


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