I think 2018 needs to be my year for getting back to focusing on better managing my energy. I keep seeing people talk about time-management, which I have realized isn’t my problem at the moment. I have time. It’s energy I don’t have enough of. I feel drained all the time.

And it’s easy to see how I waste energy doing physical things (like going places, visiting people, working etc). Emotional energy is harder for me to manage. Such as what am I spending my energy investing my emotions in when it’s something I can’t do anything about, worrying about things I can’t fix, triggering my anxiety and ptsd over situations and they aren’t anything I can help with.

I tend to care a lot about people who don’t care a lot back. I might spend only a few minutes reading something they wrote but it will weigh on me and drain my energy for days. Meanwhile I could be putting that energy toward something positive I could be doing elsewhere.

Just a personal reflection and ramble. But I thought maybe others could relate.