Image is a woman punching a man. Text says "Why am I so angry?" "You keep punching me!"

Image is a woman punching a man. Text says “Why am I so angry?” “You keep punching me!”

Basically a regular scenario:

Someone says something.

I respond to the words they said.

They say that’s not what they meant.

Ok, but that’s what they said.

They express that obviously I am the idiot because I could not read their mind to know that instead of what they said, they meant something else.

“Ok so could you please say what you actually meant? Because I’m not psychic.”

“God, Amy, why do you have to make things so difficult?”

Then I become frustrated and give up. No matter what they meant, I don’t care anymore. If they wanted me to understand what the hell they wanted to say, they could have actually said it rather than playing mind games.

“Why are you so angry, Amy?!?!”

Why am I so angry?

Because although I try to patiently deal with this kind of nonsense everyday, no one should have to. I don’t have the energy for it.

Because despite evidence to the contrary, I am the one labeled with communication problems. I am the one labeled with being unable to socialize.

Do I lack empathy for ableist stupidity? Damn straight. I also lack patience for people who make things difficult for me, the disabled person, and then blame me and accuse me of being difficult.

People wonder why I prefer to be alone, to not deal with people. This is why. It’s exhausting, enraging, and ultimately a lot less fun than any of my hobbies.