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Energy Management

I think 2018 needs to be my year for getting back to focusing on better managing my energy. I keep seeing people talk about time-management, which I have realized isn’t my problem at the moment. I have time. It’s energy I don’t have enough of. I feel drained all the time.

And it’s easy to see how I waste energy doing physical things (like going places, visiting people, working etc). Emotional energy is harder for me to manage. Such as what am I spending my energy investing my emotions in when it’s something I can’t do anything about, worrying about things I can’t fix, triggering my anxiety and ptsd over situations and they aren’t anything I can help with.

I tend to care a lot about people who don’t care a lot back. I might spend only a few minutes reading something they wrote but it will weigh on me and drain my energy for days. Meanwhile I could be putting that energy toward something positive I could be doing elsewhere.

Just a personal reflection and ramble. But I thought maybe others could relate.


  1. I definitely can relate here. And the anxiety makes it so much worse. Sometimes you have to kind of figure out what you can put aside or avoid that makes things worse for you, and then try to do that. It sounds easy, but when you’re used to taking care of others and so many little things, it can be really draining. A lot of times you just don’t have any choice, but any time you are able to trim back some of this, it can make a difference.
    Good luck!

  2. Being around people is so draining that I prefer to be alone. Social anxiety and worrying all the time whether or not I’ve said/done the wrong thing or failed to say something that’s expected of me, constantly trying to figure out the rule, the name of the game, what do people mean. I prefer being with my cats.

    I also used to walk for miles in my youth, used to work in fast food places, work with the speed of lightning and be on my feet for hours. I liked it. But was exhausted emotionally being around people for more than ten minutes.

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