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Lately I feel exhausted so easily.

Little things are wearing me out lately. I’ve never been able to accomplish as much in a day as some people can. But lately, sometimes, I feel like tiny things wear me out.

And once I get to that point in the day, I’m just done.

No matter what else I try to accomplish, I’m basically useless.

I feel like as the years go by I have less and less tolerance.

I find myself crossing more and more things off my to do list either because those things suddenly seem pointless, or because I don’t have the energy to do them. Sometimes both.

I mean why make the bed? Who came up with that idea anyway?

And at what point in my life did I decide it was necessary to fold socks? Isn’t it enough that I washed them? Enough with this nonsense.

So I’m crossing the pointless things off.

I’m tired and I don’t know why, but I’ve decided to just go with it and give myself a break.

Some things have to be done, like doing my job so I can pay my bills. Other things I want to accomplish, like making it through my last year of college.

Aside from the basics, I’m pretty much in hibernation mode right now.

It’s funny though that no matter how exhausted I am, I still can’t seem to force myself to fall asleep at a decent hour.


  1. I am exhausted a lot too. It is hard to make myself do things that aren’t totally necessary. Sometimes it is even hard to make myself do things that ARE necessary, like take a shower, or get out of bed! :(

  2. Oh, my goodness, you’re sounding more and more like me the more I read your blog (just found it). The sock thing–I used to at least line them up and turn them right-side out (they are Thorlo, and wash better when inside out so when I take them off and put them in the wash basket I turn them inside out). Now I don’t bother.

    I do make the bed, though. This is self-defense. If I don’t make the bed, the kitties lie in the bed rather than on top of the covers, and then when I sleep, little kitty hairs (and big kitty hairs) tickle my nose. I’m not allergic to them, but nobody sleeps well with cat hairs tickling their nose.

    But I’ve started looking around the house at things I have to move to vacuum under, and thinking, do I really need or want that? Can I give it away/throw it away?

    All those pointless things you talk about. The exhaustion that’s just general. Everything. I came here from your post about burnout (which was like, hey, yes, that’s what I’m going through!) and it’s all just … Too much these days. I don’t even want to go play board games with my friends once a week anymore.

    Almost 40 yrs old aspie woman, diagnosed as an adult. And yes, I’m getting really tired of “trying to pass” for NT. Take me as I am or leave me be.

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