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No Assembly Required Furniture

no assembly required furniture

Furniture is one of those things I never thought much about when I lived at home. My mom bought the furniture and all I did was use it. Once I moved out I had no idea how difficult it would be to find furniture I could afford, especially since I don’t drive and had no way to just go pick something up from somewhere. I had to rely on Amazon and similar websites to purchase furniture.

I also found that even if furniture says it is easy to assemble, I had some problems. I am not good with tools beyond a hammer and screwdriver. I had no idea how to use a drill. I was very bad at following assembly instructions, because some of the instructions skipped parts or made little sense to me. I became so frustrated while attempting to assemble a supposedly “easy to assemble” dresser that I threw it away. I didn’t have anyone to call and ask them to help me. If you are in the same situation, then this post is for you.

Some things come assembled, like couches and certain chairs. Other things were very difficult to find. I’m posting the exact list of no assembly required furniture that I have in my apartment; this way I can be sure that this furniture does not require assembly, since I own it. (Some ads for furniture say no assembly required, but it’s a lie. The ones on this list really do not require assembly.)

(Disclosure: Some links on this post are affiliate links to products I have previously purchased and liked well enough to recommend. If I’m going to link to a product on Amazon anyway, I will sometimes remember to use an affiliate link that allows me to earn a small percentage of certain sales. You will NOT be charged extra. If you are going to purchase something anyway, I appreciate when you purchase through my Amazon links as even a small amount can help cover the costs of this website’s hosting fees.)

No assembly required bookcase or bookshelf (from Amazon)

no assembly required bookshelf bookcase

This bookshelf holds a LOT of books or dvds etc. It comes already assembled. There are several colors to choose from. You just have to unfold it. You unfold the sides toward you and push the shelves down into place. No drilling, screwing anything in, etc. There is an option to stack them; the stacking requires tools. I have not tried it. I own 3 of these and they sit independently around my living room and bedroom.

No assembly required dresser with drawers (from Amazon)

no assembly required dresser drawers nightstand

I use one in my bedroom as a nightstand and one in the bathroom to hold towels etc. It’s light and easy to move from room to room. They are not very stable, as in I would not put a lamp on top of one of these. However, I stack books on top of mine and have not had a problem.

No assembly required side tables or TV tables (from Amazon)

no assembly required tables tv trays

This comes as a set. I use one as a portable desk and another to eat off of. I also use this for puzzles or to play solitaire etc.

No assembly required bedside table or side table (small table) (from Amazon)

no assembly required side table small table bedside table

This is a more expensive option than using tv trays or the wicker drawers. I purchased this to keep next to my couch but eventually decided to use it to put my tv on top of since I don’t own an entertainment center. It cost $250 when I purchased it last year but is currently $199 on Amazon (as of the time I wrote this). It’s small but sturdy.

No assembly required coffee table (from

no assembly required coffee table

I had a hard time finding a coffee table, and this one was a bit on the expensive side ($400 when I purchased it). However, it is very nice and most importantly it came fully assembled.

No assembly required desk (from

no assembly required desk

I loved this desk the moment I saw it, and I was thrilled that it came already assembled. The only disadvantage was that there was a delivery fee of $75. The good news was that I got this desk on sale and saved more than $250 off the original price.

Edit: It appears that this desk that I purchased on is no longer available, unfortunately; however, they have other no assembly required  furniture plus other furniture that you can pay for someone to deliver and assemble for you.

I was not able to find a no assembly required kitchen table, but I was given one from a relative already assembled. If I hadn’t gotten this table I had planned to use a folding card table (you can buy them on I was also not able to find a bed frame that came assembled, so I just leave my box spring and mattress on the floor.

If you have any recommendations for no assembly required furniture, please leave a comment so that others who might need furniture ideas can see your suggestion.


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