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Your Opinion

It seems to be a common thing that people think their right to their opinion about me, my life, my autism, etc., is more important than my own experience or opinion.

Sometimes it’s about something very significant, extremely personal, and none of their business. Other times it is over something more trivial. Either way… It’s not like I asked their opinion. But they still seem to think that they are entitled to express why I am wrong and they are right about something they know little to nothing about. Sometimes it comes from total strangers. I’m way past the point of tolerating it anymore.

If I don’t drop everything and comply with their bizarre need to school me on whatever it is they think they’re right and I’m wrong about, the common response is that they have the right to their opinion. Maybe that’s true. But I have the right not to listen to it. I don’t owe my time or energy to anyone, especially people like that.

You may have a right to your opinion. But I have the right not to listen to it.

You may have a right to your opinion. But I have the right not to listen to it.

Learning a thing about Internalized Ableism

Learning a thing isn't always fun, but it can help in the long run

Learning a thing isn’t always fun, but it can help in the long run

It’s amazing to me the things we (as society and individuals) can be ignorant about. Even when we are surrounded by these things daily. Even when they are things we are doing. Things that are making us (or the people we care about, or both) miserable.

A few years ago I had never heard the word ableism and didn’t know what it meant. I didn’t know internalized ableism was a thing or that I was causing myself or others damage by being ableist. I’m still learning about this every day. Learning a thing isn’t always fun, but it can help in the long run.

Today I read an article, Telling Myself the Truth: 5 Strategies for Fighting Internalized Ableism (via autostraddle), and thought “Wow. Yes. This is basically me. This is so good. I should share it.” So there ya go.

Acceptance should happen every day, not once a year

acceptance should happen every day not once a year

I’ve struggled with what to post, if anything, for April and Autism Awareness. Feeling very burnt out and struggling lately just to do the essential things like take care of my mom and stay alive. And as I found out last year, April being autism month is rather exhausting and triggering for me with all of the arguing that seems to result from it. I have taken a break from social media and not been posting as much lately because I am having a hard time with life in general.

So I don’t have the words or energy to find the words to express anything of much value at all right now. My main thought is that what I personally need as an autistic person is acceptance and understanding every day, not once a year. My life and all I am going through right now would be much easier.

“There is no disability in life except a bad attitude.” Really??

dear non-disabled people

Dear non-disabled people:

Telling disabled people that “there is no disability in life except for a bad attitude” is not helpful or inspirational. It’s insulting and harmful. Stop that nonsense. It’s like lecturing to a drowning person about how if they only loved the water, you wouldn’t have pushed them into it.

I like to be alone.

Alone, I can think
or read, learn, play or write
and just be me
without interruption.

I am not lonely.
Alone is good for me.

Even if you don’t like it,
have enough respect for me
to not say it’s bad
to do the things that
make me happy.

i like to be alone

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